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Technical Writing

What is the role of a Technical Writer?

The role of a technical writer is to communicate technical information and concepts in a manner that is appropriate for a particularaudience, depending on their level of technical expertise.

How many times have you bought a new DVD recorder or another piece of equipment and found a manual or CD-ROM inside? Every time! The person who writes the manual or the content of the CD-ROM is a Technical Writer.

Who manages the content of the web pages you are viewing on the internet right now? You guessed it, a Technical Writer. Who writes the Help information that you see when you click Help on almost every software package? Yes, a Technical Writer.

Why would you need a technical writer?

Are you releasing new software or do you have a product that needs documentation to effectively communicate how it works? Do you have existing documentation that needs to be updated? Would you like to convert your printed documentation into Online Help or CD-ROM format? Do you need help with the content for your Internet or Intranet site? Do you want guidance on the most user-friendly way to design your website? Do you want help with creating training materials?

What can I.T.tracservices do for you?

Plan your Documentation
Through working with so many different companies in many different industries we can easily plan your documentation suite. Key issues we address during the planning phase include:

  • The level of technical expertise of your intended audience
  • The type of documentation you require, e.g. Administration Guides, User Guides, Training Materials, Online Help, Installation Guides, API Documents, Marketing Brochures, Web Content. We have all the experience to determine what your documentation needs are and how best to address them.
  • The most appropriate media for your needs
  • Edit or update existing Documents

Do you need to update your existing documentation or are you launching a new company product? Our editing process can guarantee that all your documentation is clear, consistent, professional, and up-to-date.

Documentation Conversion

Do you want to convert your existing documentation into Online Help, HTML, Adobe PDF, or CD-ROM? We can do it.

eLearning and Instructional Design

Do you need help with planning and writing your e-learning courses? We have years of experience with the best in the business.